Eminent Domain

     So, it seems to me if eminent domain is acting in the public's best interest, then the public should be able to vote on it. Privately owned companies, under the Alabama Constitution, have the ability to condemn land owned by citizens and use it for profit. This is not in the public's best interest. I say let's put Alabama's resources back in the hands if its citizens and out of the greedy clutches of private, obscure companies and their henchman politicians. An article addressing this issue in Mobile contained this sentence from the lawyer representing a private company currently suing Mobile Area Water and Sewer System for land in order to complete an oil pipeline through the area's only water supply:
           "Numerous LLC's have condemned in Alabama. It has happened repeatedly year
             after year. This was not a unique situation."             Link to article

     This concerns me that situations like this where a company takes land in a process largely kept out of the public eye are so common. I think the citizens of a state are all equally entitled to the resources of that state. That means if the resources are sold, the profits should be equally distributed among the inhabitants of the state. Seems only reasonable.
     It seems absurd to dig up dirt, ship it thousands of miles, throw 90% of it away, ship it thousands of miles again and sell it to an authoritarian government seemingly bent on world domination. It would be much simpler, cheaper, and less war friendly to give everyone solar panels and wind generators and let them have power without a variable monthly fee. We are a world of people, not a world of divisions. We, and the rest of the planet, have basic needs that can easily be met if it were not for such a complicated system we have hobbled together over the centuries. The Alabama Constitution is the longest Constitution in the world. Why? It was hobbled together over time into a gigantic mess. People need food, housing, and safety. We are not red or blue, we are people.

     Jessie Patterson
     People's Party

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