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The Rez Plays The Zew

I ran across this video I made in 2010 while culling photos for my Twitter page. When I first started watching it, I realized how underrated of a soul singer Corey Rezner is. As the song ended and he names everyone in the band, I notice this is the Gulf Coast's best family band mash-up. Here is Greg DeLuca and Ben Leninger of The Mulligan Brothers with cousins Corey Rezner and Blake Nolte joined by Ricky Cucci with their original tune as the band, The Rez, "See you Around".

     In the break between songs, Corey notes this performance is a live broadcast by radio station 92ZEW and thanks everyone who helped them along the way including Emily Hayes, Tim Camp, Gene Murrell and others. He mentions they plan to record an album soon and invites everyone to join them on Thursday to be the first band to ever play what would become the iconic Hangout Music Festival

     Corey, Greg, Ben, Blake and Ricky did make the album they wanted and it was the best record of 2010. It i…

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